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Apistogramma Borellii Male
Apistogramma Borellii Male

Apistogramma Borellii Male

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Apistogramma Borellii are dwarf cichlids indigenous to South America.

Borellii do best with lots of caves and dense plantings to feel secure.  They like water a little warmer 78-84f.  Males can be kept together in groups in a larger tank (29 gal + depending on group size) with plenty of vegetation and hiding places.  Can be kept with other small peaceful fish and snails.  

Males can be kept with multiple females for spawning.  We suggest 1 male to 2 females or more. 

All of our Borellii are currently eating frozen blood worms, mysis shrimp, & brine shrimp.  Krill flake and meaty small cichlid pellets.  

Our Borellii have been tank bred in hard, 8.2Ph water, with TDS of 350.  Kept at 80°f-82°f.